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February 11, 2020  

GIVING THE ABLE-BODIED A BREAK: They Don’t Speak Our Language

February 11, 2020

This episode addresses our frustration with able-bodied people not "getting us" and what we could be doing to alleviate the divide with communication and a differently angled perspective.


- MS and social media

- Looking for confirmation that you're not the only one

- Complaining/venting

- One social media MS theme that sticks out

- How insensitive able-bodied people can be

- They just don't get us

- Should they get us?

- They don't speak our language

- Are they insensitive or are we sensitive?

- Teaching the able-bodied our language

- Communication is key

- The able-bodied are not psychic

- Asking for help even if you don't want to

- Not everybody is going to get you

- There will always be some unthoughtful, unsympathetic jerk who could ruin your day

- The able-bodied person may not even realize they're being what appears to be insensitive

- It's your responsibility to educate

- You need to teach them your language

- Forget about Aunt Harriett


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