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May 5, 2021  

ANXIETY and MS: Identifying and Understanding the Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

I'm excited to share that I've been given permission to release yet another exclusive interview from last summer's Thrive Summit that was previously only available to the MS Gym membership. The topic of discussion is ANXIETY which can become a very real component of living with an unpredictable disease.

From identifying the differences between dealing with true anxiety or just being an overthinker, to the techniques and therapies used to treat anxiety, Dr. Miriam Franco breaks it all down for us in a way that makes it easier to digest. Whether you are currently dealing with anxiety or not, there's a lot to be learned in this episode.


  • What makes having anxiety different from being a worrier or overthinker?
  • The human survival response and fear
  • Why zebras don't get ulcers
  • Over-anticipation of the future
  • Is anxiety caused by MS or is it a result of living with MS?
  • Mourning temporary losses
  • Not knowing where to go for help
  • Building a "team" of professionals to assist
  • You DO get to choose your response
  • When to know it's time to seek professional help
  • Interrupting the circuit of stress
  • The confusion around relapses
  • Relapses vs. pseudo relapses
  • Effective stress reduction
  • Fear of being prescribed drugs for anxiety and depression
  • Distinguishing between fatigue and depression
  • What is neuronal reserve?
  • MS fatigue is not the same as normal fatigue
  • The value of rest to offset fatigue and sustaining neuronal reserve
  • What is guided imagery?
  • The difference between guided imagery and meditation
  • Lowering injection and MRI anxiety
  • Becoming a mental ally with your MS medication
  • The ImageryWork app
  • Claustrophobia and MRI
  • Coping with anxiety in bite-sized steps


Dr. Miriam Franco

ImageryWork App

The MS Gym

Brooke Slick

April 21, 2021  

Embrace the Differently-abled YOU!

In today's episode, we chat with Annice and learn more about her own journey with MS and how:

  • She was diagnosed later in life
  • Love helped her overcome cancer and continues to help her live with gratitude through the challenges of MS
  • Staying in the present moment has helped her overcome each day and not to be overcome by it
  • She adapted the All or Something principle into her everyday life
  • She finds joy doing chores
  • Exercise has helped her combat fatigue and balance issues
  • Her "blue man" helps her mindset
  • Adopting neuroplasticity has made life better
  • She found community through her Buddy Group
  • She moved from being "disabled" to "differently abled"

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Motivation Monday - ALL OR SOMETHING

March 24, 2021  

THE EPSTEIN BARR VIRUS - MS CONNECTION: An Interview with Dr. Bianca Weinstock-Guttman

In this week's episode, I'll be sharing my interview with neurologist, Dr. Bianca Weinstock-Guttman. She's a professor of Neurology at Buffalo University, where her expertise regarding the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and her collaborative research as to how EBV relates to MS is extensive and impressive.

This interview was originally recorded as part of The MS Gym's 2020 virtual Thrive Summit, which I had the honor of hosting last summer. While the rest of the world was on lockdown, we were reaching out to experts to share their knowledge in the fields of Anxiety, Telemedicine, Diet, and in this case, the EBV/MS connection.


  • Elements that contribute to EBV being a trigger to MS
  • Questioning if you have MS at all
  • What type of virus is EBV?
  • The focus on B cells
  • Can EBV remain latent?
  • EBV triggers
  • DMTs, immunosuppression and EBV
  • Does having had mononucleosis put you at higher risk of MS?
  • Mononucleosis can be silent
  • Keeping our children too clean
  • The role of T cells
  • Mononucleosis increases risk of MS x3
  • EBV reactivation
  • Aging, immunosuppression and a higher risk of herpes zoster
  • Is there a treatment for EBV?


Dr. Bianca Weinstock-Guttman








March 10, 2021  

Mastering Your Mindset: A Journey Through Disability To Find Joy

Join us as we delve into Trish's story and learn more about:

  • Her rare neurological diagnosis
  • How she found The MS Gym
  • Her daily habits to improve her mindset
  • How she lives with joy & laughter amidst her challenges
  • Her goals and desires for the future


The MS Gym

Motivation Monday - Chemistry, Butterflies & A Rock


February 24, 2021  

ADDICTED TO MS: When Your MS Consumes Your Thoughts & Your Life

In this episode, I'm joined by my MS Gym Podcast co-host, Jodi Feltham. 

We're going to be chatting about what happens when you become addicted to your MS. That's right. When your MS consumes your thoughts and your discomfort becomes your comfort zone.


  • Getting stuck in the MS loop
  • Dwelling in the moments of dread
  • Doomsday thinking
  • Are you aware?
  • Is it easier when you're distracted
  • How much can you control?
  • Flexibility is a requirement
  • Are you obsessing?
  • How to re-route your negative thoughts
  • Being present to stay grounded
  • Fighting. Is it worth it?
  • Negotiating with your MS
  • An MS-free day
  • MS is a lifetime project
  • When acceptance goes sideways
  • Guilty of not contributing enough
  • Putting your inabilities into perspective
  • Your illusion of expectations from others
  • We are more than what we can physically accomplish
  • Contributing behind the scenes
  • You are not alone in your thoughts
  • Accepting losses
  • Opportunities for cultivating richer relationships
  • Losing hope
  • Exciting changes in The MS Gym


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Brooke Slick

February 10, 2021  

Illness & Identity: Moving from Isolation to Inspiration

Join me today as we here from Jenny Angus and her journey with MS and learn how she processed through issues of:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Physical & cognitive challenges
  • Loss of Identity & independence
  • Isolation
  • Pursing advocacy
  • Becoming an Inspiration


The MS Gym Website

Motivation Monday: If you can walk 3 Steps you can walk 30

Nominou Activewear Website

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January 25, 2021  


In this quickie episode, we take a look back at 2020, what we in the MS community have learned, and what we hope the population at large has taken away from this unprecedented last year.


Link to COVID-19: The Unexpected Equalizer episode

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January 7, 2021  

What words are you speaking over yourself in 2021?

Each day we speak 15,000-16,000 words and think 30,000 words!
For a relationship to thrive we need to use a ratio of 5:1 positive to negative comments.
What is the relationship you have with your own body?
Do you speak words over yourself so that your body can thrive?
Our words and thoughts have a direct impact on how we view our bodies and our lives.
"Your actions will always follow your beliefs. If you accept defeat then that's what you will get".
Facing the Giants
December 23, 2020  

A YEAR OF EVOLUTION INSIDE THE MS GYM: A Chat with Ken Allen on What to Expect in 2021 & Beyond

Even though it's been a crazy upside down year, there's been so much to celebrate inside The MS Gym. From member victories to the three year anniversary of The MS Gym, there've been more and more people with MS jumping on the neuroplasticity train and living life by design not by diagnosis.

Today, I sat down with Ken Allen, Trevor's right hand man and guiding force within the MS gym to get an inside look at what makes the Gym tick behind the scenes and what changes we have to look forward to in 2021.

We talk about everything from what differentiates membership content from free content to membership costs, to the exciting new options that are going to be heading your way in 2021 as their business model evolves.

So, get comfy, grab a cup of coffee or maybe some hot cocoa and get motivated about what lies ahead for you inside The MS Gym.


- Ken's 6 top priorities

- Marketing Trevor's expertise

- Technology behind the scenes

- The MS Gym being pandemic-proof

- Increased interest during the Covid era

- The advantages of online vs. in-person PT

- What sets the paid membership content apart from free content

- Trevor believes in you

- Immediate and long-term victories

- The cost of membership

- The ever-changing business model

- Symptom-specific programs

- A la carte offerings

- New content coming in 2021

- Which programs are being revamped

- What is BGB?

- The MS Gym in social media

- Building lifelong friendships

- Global reach

-  The MS Gym 5 years from now 


THE MS GYM - Website

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December 9, 2020  

Wonder Working Woman! Balancing work, exercise & family

Join us today as we talk with our own Wonder Woman, Kelly O'Connell, as she shares the challenges of balancing work, exercise, and family.

Learn more about her:

  • Diagnosis and primary symptoms
  • Daily schedule and how she prioritizes exercise
  • Career and daily work challenges
  • Motivation and her WHY
  • Struggles
  • Inspirational attitude
  • Decision to disclose her disease to her clients
  • Desire to make memories with her family
  • Advice for fellow MS Gym Members



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