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May 5, 2020  

LIVING IN THE “NOW” AND “NOT YET”: Why Crystal Balling is Futile

One of the many advantages to belonging to the MS Gym community is getting to listen to Jodi Feltham's weekly Motivation Monday video on the MS Gym's Facebook page. This week's episode of Motivation Monday was so thought provoking, I knew it was one that our podcast listeners needed to hear. Now, let's put down our crystal balls and let Jodi put things into perspective for you.


-Getting stuck in the "used tos"

-If only I had or hadn't

-Questioning past treatment choices

-Comparing your past condition with your present capabilities

-Stealing present victories

-The danger of comparison

-Living in the future

-Crystal balling for negatives and positives

-Will I be able to XYZ?

-Unproductive patterns

-The futility of future gazing

-Results obsessed or efforts focused?

-Are you proud of what you've done today?

-A timeless quotation that applies to life with MS.


The MS Gym

Host: Brooke Slick

April 24, 2020  


In this episode, we'll take a look at the world's response to COVID-19 through the eyes of someone with MS or a chronic illness, plus 15 predictions for life post-COVID.


- MSrs watching the meltdown

- Having to think the unthinkable

- The lengths you have to go to survive

- What once was a given is now a privilege

- Watching it all go up in flames

- Sacrifices made

- Logistical hardships

- Dreams on hold

- COVID-19 doesn't give a damn

- Just another war story

- Before and after landmarks

- The gifts of unfettered time

- Are you fearful or excited about life post-COVID?

- 15 predictions for life post-COVID

- What lessons will you have learned?

- Time is a gift


The MS Gym

Brooke Slick


March 21, 2020  

CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: Weighing Your Risks with MS

In this impromptu episode, I'll be sharing information that I've gained regarding the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, and its impact on those who have MS.

The Coronavirus is the potentially deadly virus that reportedly surfaced in China in December of 2019 and has now swept the globe in what is now considered pandemic proportions. With this episode, I'm hoping to arm you with information that will quell your fears and help you to safely move forward as we all navigate this hopefully once in a lifetime occurrence. Just like MS, this virus knows no border, so we're ALL impacted. Please listen as I do my best to inform you about what may or may not put someone with MS at higher risk of contracting or fighting off the virus.


-The interview that inspired this episode

-Dr. Aaron Boster of the Boster Center for Multiple Sclerosis and actor and MS advocate Damian Washington

-The risks that may or may not be specific to people with MS

-Does MS put you at higher risk for contracting the virus?

-Will someone with MS struggle fighting off the disease

-What symptoms to look for

-The incubation period

-How you can contract the virus

-Where the virus likes to hide

-Clean everything!

-6 tips on how to avoid contracting the virus

-Who is it high risk?

-The risk for people with MS

-The list of which MS drugs put MSrs at the highest risk

-Injectables, pills and infusions

-Damian and Dr. Boster's Q&A



INTERVIEW - Coronavirus/COVID-19 - MS Views and News – with Damian Washington & Dr. Aaron Boster

Damian Washington’s NoStressMs - YouTube Channel

MS Views and News - YouTube Channel

Dr. Aaron Boster - YouTube Channel

The Boster Center for Multiple Sclerosis

The MS Gym

Host: Brooke Slick

March 11, 2020  

INSIDE BUDDY GROUPS: Connection, Accountability and Support

In this week's episode you'll get an exclusive look at one of the many advantages of being part of the MS Gym Membership Community. It's called Buddy Groups and it may be just what you've been looking for.

Before I do that, I want to back this up a little bit and add a little more clarity as to the difference between The MS Gym and the MS Gym Membership Community.

First, the MS Gym is the world's largest online provider of FREE neurologically-based exercises and movement methods designed to use the power of neuroplasticity to re-train the brain to move differently in order to correct unhealthy movement patterns and improving communication between nerves, muscles, and joints. All of this FREE information is easily available on The MS Gym website, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Second, The MS Gym Membership Community, which currently has over 1,600 members, is a prescription-based opportunity with such benefits as MS-specific movement plans and exercises tailored specifically to your needs. Programs such as Sitting Strong, Movement Camp, Companion Guides, and BGB Bootcamp, in both standing and sitting versions, are just a few of the detailed, customized programs that you won't see anywhere else and are specifically designed to reteach your brain how to build alternative neuromuscular pathways, basically, to work around the nerves damaged by MS so you can get your life back.

Another fantastic benefit is the new MS Gym app where you can access all of the programs I just mentioned anywhere you go. Right from your phone.

At the core of the Membership Community is a private Facebook group called The Members Only Corner where members from around the world can interact with each other for advice, support, and direction. It's from this community that Buddy Groups came to light. It was a perfect opportunity for members to form small groups of like-minded individuals to meet up through video software such as Facebook Messenger and Zoom to chat and even exercise together. A buddy group can be based on your location, whether it be a part of the US, the UK, Australia etc, your interests like travel, knitting, crossword puzzles and the like, or it could be based on your MS-rooted problem area like foot drop, balance, wheelchair challenges, or dexterity. It can truly be whatever you want it to be. If you're interested in creating or joining a buddy group and you're already a member of The Membership Community, just do a search for #buddygroup in Facebook's Members Only Corner (MOC) and you'll find all the instructions and guidelines you'll need. It's all right there for you. Easy peasy.

Here's the fun part and the reason for today's episode. I was fortunate enough to have the members of  the original buddy group, the MSfits, agree to allow me to interview them all at the same time. I wanted to know exactly what goes on behind the scenes. What a typical buddy group session looks like, and sounds like. What are they talking about? What are they doing? How long do they last? I wanted to know it all and that's exactly what I got!


-What is a Buddy Group?

-The difference between the MS Gym and the MS Gym Membership Community

-The Members Only Corner

-How Buddy Groups connect

-Finding your people

-Which software to use

-What happens during these meetups

-How often do you meet

-Using the programs from the MS Gym to exercise together

-Making an effort to stay organized, but leaving room for fun

-Cheering each other on

-Checking in each day

-Finding motivation from each other when you thought you couldn't

-Becoming a family

-It's not always about commonalities

-Dedication to getting better

-The length of meetups

-Sharing the good and the bad

-Using tips and tricks from the MS Gym programs

-Finding comfort in connection

-Meeting in person at The MS Gym Summit

-Avoiding isolation through Buddy Groups

-Giving a Buddy Group a try even if you don't think you need one

-Being accountable for each other

-The conversation is not always about The MS Gym


Join The MS Gym Membership Community

The MS Gym

Host: Brooke Slick

February 26, 2020  

STARTING WHERE YOU’RE AT: Why Tackling Things All at Once is a Formula for Failure

In this episode, Trevor is joined by his beloved wife, Misty, who is a fan-favorite in the MS Gym community. Her compassionate insight paired with Trevor's in-depth knowledge of neuroplasticity and how the body can work around the damage MS inflicts makes for a dynamic duo of encouragement, inspiration and mindset molding that will leave you feeling hopeful. If you're ready to tackle your fears and reset the trajectory of your MS path, this episode is for you.


-What it means to progress

-Meeting you where you're at

-Success will build over time

-Your body/brain can't digest "all the things" at once

-Slow down to speed up

-Getting overwhelmed and doing nothing

-Easing into a situation

-Rethinking your idea of perfection

-How the little things can throw you off

-Incremental steps vs. cold turkey

-Don't let your fear overshadow hope

-Burning out from overdoing

-BGB Bootcamp

-Progress is not linear

-Forget the get-fixed-quick mentality

-Evaluate and purge threats

-Using resources to stay organized

-Expect setbacks

-Mastering the fundamentals

-The mortgage analogy

-Your brain adapts to demands



February 11, 2020  

GIVING THE ABLE-BODIED A BREAK: They Don’t Speak Our Language

This episode addresses our frustration with able-bodied people not "getting us" and what we could be doing to alleviate the divide with communication and a differently angled perspective.


- MS and social media

- Looking for confirmation that you're not the only one

- Complaining/venting

- One social media MS theme that sticks out

- How insensitive able-bodied people can be

- They just don't get us

- Should they get us?

- They don't speak our language

- Are they insensitive or are we sensitive?

- Teaching the able-bodied our language

- Communication is key

- The able-bodied are not psychic

- Asking for help even if you don't want to

- Not everybody is going to get you

- There will always be some unthoughtful, unsympathetic jerk who could ruin your day

- The able-bodied person may not even realize they're being what appears to be insensitive

- It's your responsibility to educate

- You need to teach them your language

- Forget about Aunt Harriett


The MS Gym

Brooke Slick

January 15, 2020  

CBD IS FOR HEALTH NOT HIGH: Unlearning What You Thought You Knew About CBD

The episode that so many of you have asked for is finally here. It's all about CBD!!

This week's guest is Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Integrated Health and Wellness & CBD Consultant, Erica Zachary, and as and added bonus, we have a special guest host, Tracy Pulkrabek. Always wondered what CBD could do for you? What it is and what it isn't? Tune in as Erica and Tracy break it all down into easily digestible bites.


-The controversy

-Choosing CBD over traditional drugs

-CBD and THC products

-Realizing that it really does work

-Unrealistic fears that it's a gateway drug

-Benefits without side effects

-What exactly is CBD?

-The difference between CBD and hemp

-The different forms of CBD

-Alleviating spasticity

-Want a more restful sleep?

-The psychotropic effects of THC

-The biggest misconception about CBD

-CBD is for health not high

-What to be leery of

-A Certificate of Analysis (COA)

-No prescription required

-Insurance coverage



-Products Erica recommends

-Cooking with CBD

-Our body's ability to create our own CBD

-How CBD seeks out deficiencies

-Plants over pills

-CBD, brain fog and weight loss

-Start low, go slow

-CBD for anxiety

-Legal or not legal


Erica Zachary


Life by DesignLicensed Clinical Social Worker/Integrated Health and Wellness & CBD Consultant 

CBD online dispensaries 

Telemental health therapy and  holistic consultation practice for women with MS 

Websites for more information about the Endocannabinoid system:

The MS Gym

Brooke Slick


January 8, 2020  

YOUR YEAR OF REBELLION: It’s Time to Rewrite Your Prognosis

This throwback Thursday episode is the perfect way to kick off your new year, or any day of the year for that matter! I had never heard this motivational speech from Trevor before and, wow, was I blown away. By the end of his speech, I was saying to myself "Yes! Yes! Yes! I can do this!", and you can too. If you're doubting yourself and thinking you can never win against MS, stop what you're doing right now and listen to this episode. It's time to let your rebellious side come out. 


- Your year of rebellion

- It's time to rewrite your prognosis!

- In order to improve, you have to reject outside input

- Rewriting your prognosis

- Figure out what's causing stress in your life and walk away from it

- Ruthlessly protecting your recovery process

- Rebel against the dream crushers

- You don't have to be walking to claim a victory

- Changing the forecast of your future

- The MS rules don't apply to you

- You can counteract MS

- You have the resources and support to overcome

- The process of believing you can heal

-  Ignoring the naysayers

- There's no quick fix

- Daily commitment

- You won't see improvements every day

- Counteracting MS is a full-time job

- Visualizing movements you can't currently do

- Eventually your brain will feel safe enough to do something different

- Reject and rebel against your doubts

- Having MS for 20+ years and seeing improvements- It's never too late to transform your MS body

The MS Gym

Brooke Slick

January 1, 2020  

YOUR PERSPECTIVE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY:. Are You Going to Change it Now or Never?

In today's episode, I have the good fortune of talking with Causso Moore of My Struggle is My Strength. He's an Atlanta-based MS activist, motivational speaker and social media powerhouse.

Whether you find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or his own website, his raw online content where he shares his own struggles and triumphs as well others around the globe, is a go-to resource for inspiration, mindset work and perspective. 

If you need a kick in ass to get you moving, if you're looking for some light on a dark MS day, if you need to be reminded that MS isn't the end for you, just a new chapter, keep listening, because Causso is gonna set you straight.


- Causso's Instagram presence

- Hitting rock bottom and working his way back

- How Ocrevus is helping him

- The gym was a natural choice

- Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly on video online

- Finding motivation from those he's inspired

- Nothing will change until you change your mindset

- Neuroplasticity is key

- Your perspective is your responsibility

- Finding strength in working out

- Getting out of a dark space

- Are you going to change now or never?

- Knowing when to take a break and not overdoing it

- The advantage of taking small steps to meet your goals

- Making a commitment to do what you can wherever you are

-  How his documentary became a turning point in his online presence

- The My Struggle is My Strength brand

- The mission of his efforts and his brand

- Making a difference through public speaking

- The greatest gift that MS has given Causso

- Empowering and educating others

- Being diagnosed is a new chapter

- Finding a way to accomplish your goals your way


Causso's links:




His Documentary

His website - My Struggle is My Strength



The MS Gym

Brooke Slick


December 19, 2019  


Another classic Throwback Thursday from Trevor will get you thinking about tomorrow. Whatever it brings, how will you handle it? It could all change overnight. Are you ready?

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