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January 1, 2020  

YOUR PERSPECTIVE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY:. Are You Going to Change it Now or Never?

In today's episode, I have the good fortune of talking with Causso Moore of My Struggle is My Strength. He's an Atlanta-based MS activist, motivational speaker and social media powerhouse.

Whether you find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or his own website, his raw online content where he shares his own struggles and triumphs as well others around the globe, is a go-to resource for inspiration, mindset work and perspective. 

If you need a kick in ass to get you moving, if you're looking for some light on a dark MS day, if you need to be reminded that MS isn't the end for you, just a new chapter, keep listening, because Causso is gonna set you straight.


- Causso's Instagram presence

- Hitting rock bottom and working his way back

- How Ocrevus is helping him

- The gym was a natural choice

- Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly on video online

- Finding motivation from those he's inspired

- Nothing will change until you change your mindset

- Neuroplasticity is key

- Your perspective is your responsibility

- Finding strength in working out

- Getting out of a dark space

- Are you going to change now or never?

- Knowing when to take a break and not overdoing it

- The advantage of taking small steps to meet your goals

- Making a commitment to do what you can wherever you are

-  How his documentary became a turning point in his online presence

- The My Struggle is My Strength brand

- The mission of his efforts and his brand

- Making a difference through public speaking

- The greatest gift that MS has given Causso

- Empowering and educating others

- Being diagnosed is a new chapter

- Finding a way to accomplish your goals your way


Causso's links:




His Documentary

His website - My Struggle is My Strength



The MS Gym

Brooke Slick


December 19, 2019  


Another classic Throwback Thursday from Trevor will get you thinking about tomorrow. Whatever it brings, how will you handle it? It could all change overnight. Are you ready?

December 11, 2019  

ARDRA SHEPHARD OF TRIPPING ON AIR: Calling BS on How Society Views Mobility Aids

When the opportunity arose to have today's guest on the podcast, I was more than elated. She's an absolute superstar in the MS space. From her award-winning blog, Tripping on Air, that chronicles her life with MS, to her Instagram presence, to the recent WebMD documentary featuring her, Ardra Shephard is calling bullshit on how society views differently-abled individuals. Her content is overflowing with upfront, often comically deadpan observations about living with MS and, equally as important, living with mobility devices. Mobility devices, and learning how to live with them with confidence, grace and style for days is her jam. In today's episode, Ardra shares with us how she threw her vanity to the wind and said screw it. If there's nobody else out there representing what I want to accomplish with MS, and while using a mobility device, I'm going to be that person. And that's exactly what she's done.


- Why a  blog?

- When an invisible disease becomes visible

- Clearing the air by writing

- Looking for a role model that didn't exist

- The evolution of an Instagram feed

- Deciding to be the example

- Where are the people like me?

- The lack of resources on mobility device use

- Naming her device

- The guy with the fedora

- I can still be a badass with a mobility device

- You can't control what others think about disability

- Not everyone's an asshole

- MS DOES have you

- Giving yourself permission to say "This sucks!"

- The dictator that lives in your body

- When people forget you have MS

- Fixing the disabled = "less than" mentality

- When disability is marginalized

- #babeswithmobilityaids

- Don't feel sorry for me

- Dreaming about walking

- Disability is expensive

- Comparing mobility devices

- A shift toward better design

- How your presence makes others feel

- Insensitive things people say

- Opting to live beyond the safety of your home

- Living a life less lived because you opted not use a mobility aid

- Social media for representation & information

- The Selma Blair effect

- Being an influencer can be a good thing

- 2020 is the year of clarity

- What Ardra's working on

- A television show based on Ardra's blog


Ardra's website:

Ardra's WebMD Documentary -

Ardra in Momentum Magazine -

Ardra's Optimus Prime (snazzy rollator) -

December 4, 2019  

STOP RESISTING & START SURRENDERING: Making the Transition from MS Warrior to MS Strategist

In this powerful Throwback Thursday episode, Trevor will guide you through putting down your mental weapons of MS destruction and surrendering to a more strategic plan to defeat your challenges.


- Is your "fight" against MS hurting you?

- Fighting is demanding

- Fighting to maintain who you were

- The secret to healing

- Are you fighting yourself or your MS?

- Fighting to prove your self-worth

- Give up, fight or freedom. It's your choice.

- MS doesn't disqualify you from being loved and worthy

- Picking your fights

- Surrender

- You can outsmart your MS

- A strategy for healing

- MS is now part of your story


The MS Gym

Brooke Slick

November 26, 2019  

LET’S TALK MOBILITY DEVICES: How Your Thoughts About Them May be Holding You Back

If you want a quick shot of inspiration as we head into the holidays, be sure to tune into this week's episode where I share off-the-cuff thoughts on mobility devices and the mind games we play that hold us back from participating in life.

PLUS, you don't want to miss the challenge at the end!


The MS Gym

Brooke Slick

November 20, 2019  

YOU HAVE MS: Now, Who are You?

In this Throwback Thursday classic from Trevor, he asks the question "What is your MS identity?" Now that you have MS, inevitably, your life is going to change. Are you prepared for those changes? Are you going to be able to take the hits and rebound with a win? In this episode, as usual, Trevor brings the fire as he guides you through the ever-winding road of life with MS.


- What's going to change?

- Internal pain and external pain

- Loss of control

- Feeling cast out

- Relationship loss

- The world doesn't condone "taking a break"

- The shock and overwhelm of MS literature

- Choosing not to be a slave to your MS

- When you're not sure that tomorrow will be any better

- Staying connected

- You're healing may surprise you

- Suicidal thoughts

- Moving forward when there is no road

- A winning record

- How to gain wins

- A win is a win no matter the size

- Track your wins for a week

- Victor or victim? Warrior or slave?

- Learning from losing

- What is your MS identity?

- Giving is winning

- What do you want to stand for?


The MS Gym

Brooke Slick

November 13, 2019  

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT - Binty’s MS Gym Victories

In this episode, Binty, a former pharmacist and mother of two, describes her long road to diagnosis, her discovery of The MS Gym and the subsequent victories that are helping her continue to thrive despite physical setbacks.


- The long road to an MS diagnosis and the clear path to The MS Gym

- Trekking poles, AFOs and assistive devices

- The symptoms that affect her most

-  Which MS Gym movement plans she relies on for relief

- Use it or lose it

- Visible victories

- Cooking is a luxury

- Once and done is not the ticket

- Approaching her children about her diagnosis

- CBD oil for sleep and spasticity

- Mindset is everything

- How she handles an MSy day

- Using Trevor's motivational speeches for a boost of inspection

- Remaining active despite MS

- Seeking out social activities customized for your condition

- The power of meditation

- Prioritizing to preserve energy

- Don't be afraid to say "not today"


The MS Gym

Brooke Slick

October 30, 2019  

How to Survive the Overwhelm of the Holiday Season While Keeping Your Mindset and Body Movement on Track by Coach T

This week, we're sharing an epic throwback episode from Coach T where he gives advice on how to navigate the stress, overwhelm and oftentimes obligation we feel during the holiday season. I just listened to the whole episode myself and I've got to say, much like a favorite holiday recipe, it's one part pep talk. two parts straight talk, with a heaping spoonful of motivation and compassion mixed in. Let the festivities begin!

 Episode Notes:

  • Internal stress and external stress
  • The two camps of progress
  • Holiday stress is a global phenomenon
  • The overwhelm and added pressure of the holidays
  • Preparing for potential setbacks
  • The expectations others have of you
  • Staying compliant to your movement program
  • Thriving despite distraction
  • The worst thing you can do
  • Movement is the one thing that counteracts internal and external threats
  • Why putting off your movement meds over the holidays is a mistake
  • Stress of family and stress from lack of family
  • Preparation expectation
  • Asking for help is not a weakness
  • Delegating what you can no longer accomplish with guilt
  • Knowing when it's time to rest
  • Validation
  • Guard your time
  • Dealing with loneliness during the holidays
  • Don't take the holiday drama seriously
  • Remember who you are
  • Keep doing what you're doing
  • Have a good time! Choose to be happy.


The MS Gym

Brooke Slick

October 16, 2019  

THE MS CAREGIVER: Navigating this Critical Role with Realistic Expectations and Grace


  • The evolution of the amount of care required over time
  • Failing drugs, failing health
  • When doctors don't acknowledge caregiver input
  • Preserving the patient's dignity
  • Being a spouse and a carer
  • The price a carer can pay if they don't tend to their own healthcare needs
  • Never underestimate how stress can affect a caregiver's wellbeing
  • You can't care for the patient if you don't care for yourself
  • Home modifications to make life easier for the patient and the caregiver
  • When your home feels like a medical facility
  • Handling a patient who has bouts of anger or lashes out
  • The Mirror Theory
  • Not taking a patient's behavior personally
  • The importance of support groups
  • Explaining your situation to family and friends
  • How to approach a child about a parent's illness
  • How organization is the key to your sanity
  • Utilizing white boards and diaries
  • Don't panic. Get help.
  • Planning for the future when your partner has a chronic illness
  • Don't stop planning for the future. Plan differently.
  • Don't lose yourself. Ask for help. You are not alone.


MS Caregiver Support Group

Aaron and PPMS

The MS Gym

Brooke Slick

October 2, 2019  

DEPRESSION - Recognizing and Managing One of the Most Common Symptoms of MS

Depression is one of the most common symptoms of a chronic illness. One half of the MS population will be faced with depression at some point in their journey with the disease. 

This episode's goal is to shed light on depression, not only for the patient, but for the family, friends and loved ones who care for them.


- The definition of depression

- How to differentiate between sadness and depression

- What signs to look for

- A testimonial on depression from Tracy Pulkrabek

- When you lose the ability to do the things you used to

- Fear of engaging

- Isolation - What keeps you there

- How to approach someone you suspect is suffering from depression

- When you start to feel like a burden

- Rationalizing that depression is *normal"

- Communication is key

- Listening is essential

- Asking the right questions

- Opinions and judgment

- What NOT to say

- Why "cheerleading" is not always the best approach

- Depression is NOT a weakness

- How medication can precipitate depression and suicidal thoughts

- Figuring out your "why"

- The stages of grief

- Depression is not a linear journey

- Less telling and more asking

- How the MS Gym comment brought Tracy out of her shell

- Being patient with your emotions

- Moving past denial in engaging with the MS community

- Acknowledging that support groups may be one of your most valuable tools to recovery

- Helping Hands Support Groups

- Substance Abuse and Mental Health National  Hotline

-'Review of signs to look for

- Making space for conversation

- What types of medical specialists should you reach out to


Helping Hands Support Groups

Substance Abuse and Mental Health National Hotline - 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Psychology Today

The MS Gym

Brooke Slick

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