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May 25, 2022  

WHY SEEKING COUNSELING IS WISE, NOT WEAK: My Personal Struggle with Trigeminal Neuralgia & Fear

May 25, 2022

This episode is up close and personal for me. It explains why I've been off grid for the last few months, my continued battle with trigeminal neuralgia, and, even more disturbing (at least to me), my mental struggle with fear.

I will share how even the most strong-willed, strong-minded person you know, may need to seek counseling to get over the mental hurdles of living with a chronic illness.

Most importantly, I want you all to know that seeking counseling is for the wise, not the weak. It can set you free from your time-wasting, joy-sucking struggle with fear and mental angst.


-Flu, shingles and a trigeminal neuralgia (TN) attack

-How pain can make your life very small

-Surgery, surgery and more surgery over the years

-My next move

-Weighing options

-My choice to have gamma knife (radiation) treatment

-The patience required for recovery

-The disappointment of attacks after surgery

-Being offered pain meds as a stopgap

-Waiting for the healing to happen

-A long history of medical mishaps

-A stroke at age 35

-An unexpected autoimmune clotting disorder

-Finally, an MS diagnosis

-A pile of failed MS drugs

-Suck it up buttercup mentality

-Constantly revisiting painful medical trauma

-Getting stuck in a loop

-Reliving past traumas

-The difference in past trauma and trauma now

-The unpredictability of TN

-The fear that led me to counseling

-Having your fear validated

-Simple tools to reprogram your thoughts

-Shutting down the stigma

-Seeking counseling does not mean you're weak. It means you're wise

-Stop letting fear waste your time and destroy your joy


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