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February 24, 2021  

ADDICTED TO MS: When Your MS Consumes Your Thoughts & Your Life

February 24, 2021

In this episode, I'm joined by my MS Gym Podcast co-host, Jodi Feltham. 

We're going to be chatting about what happens when you become addicted to your MS. That's right. When your MS consumes your thoughts and your discomfort becomes your comfort zone.


  • Getting stuck in the MS loop
  • Dwelling in the moments of dread
  • Doomsday thinking
  • Are you aware?
  • Is it easier when you're distracted
  • How much can you control?
  • Flexibility is a requirement
  • Are you obsessing?
  • How to re-route your negative thoughts
  • Being present to stay grounded
  • Fighting. Is it worth it?
  • Negotiating with your MS
  • An MS-free day
  • MS is a lifetime project
  • When acceptance goes sideways
  • Guilty of not contributing enough
  • Putting your inabilities into perspective
  • Your illusion of expectations from others
  • We are more than what we can physically accomplish
  • Contributing behind the scenes
  • You are not alone in your thoughts
  • Accepting losses
  • Opportunities for cultivating richer relationships
  • Losing hope
  • Exciting changes in The MS Gym


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