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January 15, 2020  

CBD IS FOR HEALTH NOT HIGH: Unlearning What You Thought You Knew About CBD

January 15, 2020

The episode that so many of you have asked for is finally here. It's all about CBD!!

This week's guest is Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Integrated Health and Wellness & CBD Consultant, Erica Zachary, and as and added bonus, we have a special guest host, Tracy Pulkrabek. Always wondered what CBD could do for you? What it is and what it isn't? Tune in as Erica and Tracy break it all down into easily digestible bites.


-The controversy

-Choosing CBD over traditional drugs

-CBD and THC products

-Realizing that it really does work

-Unrealistic fears that it's a gateway drug

-Benefits without side effects

-What exactly is CBD?

-The difference between CBD and hemp

-The different forms of CBD

-Alleviating spasticity

-Want a more restful sleep?

-The psychotropic effects of THC

-The biggest misconception about CBD

-CBD is for health not high

-What to be leery of

-A Certificate of Analysis (COA)

-No prescription required

-Insurance coverage



-Products Erica recommends

-Cooking with CBD

-Our body's ability to create our own CBD

-How CBD seeks out deficiencies

-Plants over pills

-CBD, brain fog and weight loss

-Start low, go slow

-CBD for anxiety

-Legal or not legal


Erica Zachary


Life by DesignLicensed Clinical Social Worker/Integrated Health and Wellness & CBD Consultant 

CBD online dispensaries 

Telemental health therapy and  holistic consultation practice for women with MS 

Websites for more information about the Endocannabinoid system:

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