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October 2, 2019  

DEPRESSION - Recognizing and Managing One of the Most Common Symptoms of MS

October 2, 2019

Depression is one of the most common symptoms of a chronic illness. One half of the MS population will be faced with depression at some point in their journey with the disease. 

This episode's goal is to shed light on depression, not only for the patient, but for the family, friends and loved ones who care for them.


- The definition of depression

- How to differentiate between sadness and depression

- What signs to look for

- A testimonial on depression from Tracy Pulkrabek

- When you lose the ability to do the things you used to

- Fear of engaging

- Isolation - What keeps you there

- How to approach someone you suspect is suffering from depression

- When you start to feel like a burden

- Rationalizing that depression is *normal"

- Communication is key

- Listening is essential

- Asking the right questions

- Opinions and judgment

- What NOT to say

- Why "cheerleading" is not always the best approach

- Depression is NOT a weakness

- How medication can precipitate depression and suicidal thoughts

- Figuring out your "why"

- The stages of grief

- Depression is not a linear journey

- Less telling and more asking

- How the MS Gym comment brought Tracy out of her shell

- Being patient with your emotions

- Moving past denial in engaging with the MS community

- Acknowledging that support groups may be one of your most valuable tools to recovery

- Helping Hands Support Groups

- Substance Abuse and Mental Health National  Hotline

-'Review of signs to look for

- Making space for conversation

- What types of medical specialists should you reach out to


Helping Hands Support Groups

Substance Abuse and Mental Health National Hotline - 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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The MS Gym

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