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September 18, 2019  

HOW TO APPLY FOR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY* Getting Past the Stigma & Moving Forward with Confidence

September 18, 2019

Social security disability. It's a benefit we hope we never have to claim, and one so many of us hesitate to apply for. You may be saying things to yourself like...

Will I be able to afford to quit my job if I go on social security disability?

Will people think I'm giving up, looking for a free ride, or that I no longer have any value?

Am I disabled enough to qualify?

Even if I do decide to apply, I have no idea where to start.

In this episode I'll be talking one-on-one with Pittsburgh-based Attorney Dennis Liotta, of Edgar Snyder and Associates.

Dennis has been representing social security disability claimants for over 20 years. For the last decade, he's been recognized as a top legal talent by the well-respected peer review publication, Best Lawyers in America. Add to that his designation as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer, out of outstanding lawyers from over 70 areas of practice, and I was confident that I found just the right person to help me tackle this touchy and often complex subject. 


- The shocking percentage of initial claims denied

- How being under 50 may work against you

- How preparation can help you beat the backlog

- If your claim is denied and you need to appeal

- The application itself. Be prepared to ask for help.

- Are you disabled enough to qualify?

- What about my pride?

- Workplace accommodation

- What if I'm young or haven't worked very long?

- SSD & SSI. What's the difference?

- What does the social security administration (SSA) consider "disabled"?

- Do SSD laws vary per state?

- Back pay. What is it, and will I receive it?

- Can I work part-time and still receive disability benefits?

- What if you decide to go back to work again and realize you can't do it?

- How do disability benefits effect your taxes?

- One mistake that almost always guarantees denial!

- Does the SSA continue to monitor your health status after you begin receiving benefits?

- The #1 tip for improving your odds of approval

- Documentation. Documentation. Documentation.

- The stigma surrounding social security disability

- The two best ways to apply

- The one way you shouldn't apply



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*Social Security Disability is a Federal program of the United States government that provides assistance to people with disabilities.