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October 30, 2019  

How to Survive the Overwhelm of the Holiday Season While Keeping Your Mindset and Body Movement on Track by Coach T

October 30, 2019

This week, we're sharing an epic throwback episode from Coach T where he gives advice on how to navigate the stress, overwhelm and oftentimes obligation we feel during the holiday season. I just listened to the whole episode myself and I've got to say, much like a favorite holiday recipe, it's one part pep talk. two parts straight talk, with a heaping spoonful of motivation and compassion mixed in. Let the festivities begin!

 Episode Notes:

  • Internal stress and external stress
  • The two camps of progress
  • Holiday stress is a global phenomenon
  • The overwhelm and added pressure of the holidays
  • Preparing for potential setbacks
  • The expectations others have of you
  • Staying compliant to your movement program
  • Thriving despite distraction
  • The worst thing you can do
  • Movement is the one thing that counteracts internal and external threats
  • Why putting off your movement meds over the holidays is a mistake
  • Stress of family and stress from lack of family
  • Preparation expectation
  • Asking for help is not a weakness
  • Delegating what you can no longer accomplish with guilt
  • Knowing when it's time to rest
  • Validation
  • Guard your time
  • Dealing with loneliness during the holidays
  • Don't take the holiday drama seriously
  • Remember who you are
  • Keep doing what you're doing
  • Have a good time! Choose to be happy.


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