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July 10, 2019  

Laughing in the Face of MS with Actor, Rapper, Nerd, Damian Washington

July 10, 2019

Damian Washington, actor, rapper and self-titled nerd shares his unique insight on living with MS in real life and in the public eye.

Damian's professional portfolio includes high-profile commercials like McDonald's,, and Planet Fitness, but if you're tuned into the MS world, Damian, a fellow MSr, has crafted a nice little niche for himself in the YouTube Vlogging world (that's Vlog with a V like in Victor). 

He uses his comedic prowess to share with and educate the MS community on all things related to living with MS. His informative, often hilarious videos feature a wide range of topics. From dietary suggestions, to travel tips to dry brushing, Damian's serving it all up with his chill style.

Press play to listen to this enlightening and fun conversation with Brooke and Damian.

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