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November 13, 2019  

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT - Binty’s MS Gym Victories

November 13, 2019

In this episode, Binty, a former pharmacist and mother of two, describes her long road to diagnosis, her discovery of The MS Gym and the subsequent victories that are helping her continue to thrive despite physical setbacks.


- The long road to an MS diagnosis and the clear path to The MS Gym

- Trekking poles, AFOs and assistive devices

- The symptoms that affect her most

-  Which MS Gym movement plans she relies on for relief

- Use it or lose it

- Visible victories

- Cooking is a luxury

- Once and done is not the ticket

- Approaching her children about her diagnosis

- CBD oil for sleep and spasticity

- Mindset is everything

- How she handles an MSy day

- Using Trevor's motivational speeches for a boost of inspection

- Remaining active despite MS

- Seeking out social activities customized for your condition

- The power of meditation

- Prioritizing to preserve energy

- Don't be afraid to say "not today"


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