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July 25, 2019  

MS - Beyond the Diets, Part 2, An Individualized Approach to Healing with Targeted Nutrition

July 25, 2019

Ahna Crum - Part 2

In today's part 2 of our 3-part series, Ahna Crum, license dietitian, certified in integrative and functional medical nutrition therapy will take a closer look at which dietary choices can impede or promote the restoration of your immune system and why.

Ahna will prove once and for all that a one size diet does not fit all.


- Your myelin sheath and fat

- Free radicals and antioxidants

- Fatty acid profile testing

- Metal toxicity and gadolinum

- Vegan vs. animal protein diet

- What's your protein status and how it affects your neurotransmitter balance

- Where to find the right protein

- Probiotics and prebiotics

- Bacterial overgrowth and its connection to autoimmune disease

- Epigenetics and genomics

- Dietary supplements

- Vitamin D

- How your microbiome evolves from birth

- Intermittent fasting

- Vitamin E

- The services that Ahna provides to her patients

- Testing

- Courses

- Consultation

- Guidance