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July 20, 2019  

MS - Beyond the Diets, Part 1, An Individualized Approach to Healing with Targeted Nutrition.

July 20, 2019

Ahna Crum - Part 1

Today I'll be talking with licensed dietician Ahna Crum about the role that nutrition plays in the development of MS as well as how it can assist in reversing or managing your symptoms.

Ahna, who's certified in integrative and functional medical nutrition therapy, holds a masters in dietetics and is currently working on her 2nd master's in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

Her involvement in the integrative medicine movement goes beyond the fundamentals of macronutrients, micronutrients, and energy expenditure and focuses on the full health picture of each individual.

Her goal as a practitioner Is to heal the whole person physically, mentally and emotionally through food, vitamins dietary and/or herbal supplements and other complementary evidence-based treatments as a way to heal the body and prevent disease.

Through nutritional immunorestoration, Ahna works to restore health and hope to anyone suffering from autoimmune-based ailments.

Her clinical experience coupled with her own personal experience as an MS patient gives her the perspective of a practitioner but the heart of a patient.

Ahna's objective is to use targeted nutrition strategies to reverse or manage symptoms and restore health hope and vitality to her patients.


- I ask Ahna which three anti-inflammatory diets she would recommend
- The mistakes we're making
- The diet comparison game
- Curing MS with diet
- Ingestion does not mean digestion
- How your body is functioning at a biochemical level
- What is your microbiome and why does it matter?
- Are your sidewalks clean?
- Good bacteria and bad bacteria. What's the difference?
- Epigenetics
- Food allergies and their role in immune system health
- Food sensitivity testing
- Sneaky gluten
- What you should be eating and avoiding on an anti-inflammatory diet
- The fat controversy
- Fiber, fiber, fiber!
- Exercise and adipose tissue
- Omega 6, Omega 3 and lipid balance
- How your anti-inflammatory lifestyle should look
- A preview of Part 2 of the series