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October 5, 2020  

RADICAL ACCEPTANCE: Acknowledging your current reality at the present moment

October 5, 2020

I wanted to welcome you all back from summer break and give you a taste of what to expect this upcoming season. If you haven't already heard the announcement, Jodi Feltham, who already plays a huge role in the organization of the MS Gym behind the scenes will be joining me this season as a co-host. To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement. Jodi's episodes will be focusing on member victories, struggles and lifestyle, while my episodes will continue to feature guests related to all things MS life. Add to that, freestyle episodes where Jodi and I bounce MS-related topics off each other, plus select recordings of Jodi's fan favorite, Motivation Mondays, and the new season is guaranteed to keep you tuning in. Let's get started with Jodi's Motivational Monday from this week titled radical acceptance.

Is acknowledging your current reality at the present moment - whether it's what happened or what is happening
It does not mean:
- I approve of it
- I think it's fair
- I like it
- That I'm being passive or giving up
- I agree with what happened
Why practice radical acceptance?
- Fighting reality only creates suffering
- While pain is inevitable, suffering is optional
- Suffering is what you do with that pain and the interpretation you put on the pain.
- Acceptance brings opportunity to heal
- When we accept it than we can think about how we want to change it
- If we spend all our energy fighting it then we have no energy left to change it
- What reality are you having difficulty accepting?