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December 8, 2021  

RAISING YOUNG CHILDREN WHEN YOU HAVE MS: with Julie Stamm, Author, MS Advocate, Mother

December 8, 2021

This episode welcomes Julie Stamm, author, MS advocate, and proud mom of Jack to the podcast.

Julie, who wrote the recently-released book, Some Days, A Tale of Love, Ice Cream and My Mom's Chronic Illness, shares with us her insight on raising a young child while having MS.

Her thought-provoking book, written from a child's perspective, proves that through a child's eyes, things may not be exactly as they seem, and the pressure you may be putting on yourself to perform for your child is likely an unrealistic, self-imposed expectation.

We hope you walk away from this episode with an enlightened feeling of relief, knowing that in the end, all your child needs is your time and your love.


- About Julie's book, Some Days

- The fears that come with pregnancy when you have MS

- How she and her son view "bad days" differently

- Turning obstacles into games

- Teaching your child resilience

- How the book is uniquely from a child's perspective

- Teaching your child that "everyone has something"

- Explaining MS to your child

- Incorporating your disability into fun

- Adapting how you play with your child based on your current symptoms

- The importance of talking to your child

- The things your child will and won't remember

- Whether to disclose your disease from your child or not

- Teaching about disability/chronic illness and empathy in the classroom

- Customizing the cover of her book

- Book #2 coming out next Fall...Book #3 the following Fall.

- Julie's advice to pregnant moms and women considering having children


Some Days, A Tale of Love, Ice Cream and My Mom's Chronic Illness

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