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August 3, 2022  

An inside peek into Dr. Terry Wahls’ upcoming study examining the affect of diet in the MS population

August 3, 2022

Tune in for the second part of our discussion with world-renowned Dr. Terry Wahls, creator of The Wahls Protocol. In today's discussion, we'll learn more about Dr. Wahls' role as a researcher. She shares about her upcoming randomized study, Efficacy of Diet on Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis

Diet is often heralded as the key ingredient to managing MS symptoms. But, with over a dozen "MS diets" out there that are often contradictory to each other, how do we really know which one is best? Or is there even one diet that works for everyone?

Everyone shares their opinions about the "proper" MS diet, from fellow MSers to complete strangers. But is the only evidence available anecdotal? What makes this study so exciting is that it's the largest, longest, randomized study about diet and MS.

Study outcomes will be measured both with physical measures, such as MRI findings and changes in walking ability, and patient-reported outcomes in regards to fatigue and mood.

We're all looking forward to the proof in that "gluten and dairy free" pudding. So grab those spoons and let's dig in.

In this episode, we'll learn more about the study. 

  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Location, start date, and duration
  • Physical measures being tested
  • Primary and secondary outcomes
  • 3 different diets being compared
  • Randomization process and adherence requirements
  • Time line of results

Dr. Wahls also discusses:

  • The importance of adopting a diet that's realistic for each household
  • The recent updates to her book, The Wahls Protocol, and how results from this study may shape further revisions
  • The carnivore diet as the "ultimate" elimination diet and her reservations about it

For more information about Dr. Wahls upcoming study check out these links:

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