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October 16, 2019  

THE MS CAREGIVER: Navigating this Critical Role with Realistic Expectations and Grace

October 16, 2019


  • The evolution of the amount of care required over time
  • Failing drugs, failing health
  • When doctors don't acknowledge caregiver input
  • Preserving the patient's dignity
  • Being a spouse and a carer
  • The price a carer can pay if they don't tend to their own healthcare needs
  • Never underestimate how stress can affect a caregiver's wellbeing
  • You can't care for the patient if you don't care for yourself
  • Home modifications to make life easier for the patient and the caregiver
  • When your home feels like a medical facility
  • Handling a patient who has bouts of anger or lashes out
  • The Mirror Theory
  • Not taking a patient's behavior personally
  • The importance of support groups
  • Explaining your situation to family and friends
  • How to approach a child about a parent's illness
  • How organization is the key to your sanity
  • Utilizing white boards and diaries
  • Don't panic. Get help.
  • Planning for the future when your partner has a chronic illness
  • Don't stop planning for the future. Plan differently.
  • Don't lose yourself. Ask for help. You are not alone.


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