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August 22, 2019  

WHAT IS HSCT? Everything you wanted to know about the treatment that HALTS (not slows) MS Progression

August 22, 2019

In this episode of The MS Gym Podcast, the host becomes the guest, when comedic actor and MSr, Damian Washington, interviews Brooke Slick about HSCT (hematopoietic stem cell transplant) for MS.

Brooke, a 6+ year veteran of the treatment, explains what HSCT is, how it works, who it's for, where you can get it done and why it's currently considered your best chance at halting your disease progression.

In addition to this podcast episode, starting next week, you will be able to hear portions of this interview on Damian Washington's weekly YouTube vlog (link below) where he chronicles his journey with MS and Ocrevus as  well as discusses a plethora of MS lifestyle topics.

It's important to note that although HSCT has continued to gain exposure recently, the MS Gym was way ahead of the game when over 2 years ago, Coach Trevor Wicken designed a 30-day "Rebuild" program that's designed specifically for HSCT veterans and available in the membership.


- What is HSCT?

- The logistics of HSCT

- The role stem cells play in HSCT?

- The two types of HSCT protocols

- It's all about the chemotherapy

- Safety precautions after HSCT

- Symptomatic improvements

- Criteria for acceptance

- What is EDSS and why it matters?

- DMDs slow disease progression. HSCT halts disease progression.

- How long should you wait to get HSCT?

- Recovery & expectations

- Statistics/success rates

- Does insurance cover it?

- The cost

- Mortality rates

- The best online resources for HSCT information

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