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November 20, 2019  

YOU HAVE MS: Now, Who are You?

November 20, 2019

In this Throwback Thursday classic from Trevor, he asks the question "What is your MS identity?" Now that you have MS, inevitably, your life is going to change. Are you prepared for those changes? Are you going to be able to take the hits and rebound with a win? In this episode, as usual, Trevor brings the fire as he guides you through the ever-winding road of life with MS.


- What's going to change?

- Internal pain and external pain

- Loss of control

- Feeling cast out

- Relationship loss

- The world doesn't condone "taking a break"

- The shock and overwhelm of MS literature

- Choosing not to be a slave to your MS

- When you're not sure that tomorrow will be any better

- Staying connected

- You're healing may surprise you

- Suicidal thoughts

- Moving forward when there is no road

- A winning record

- How to gain wins

- A win is a win no matter the size

- Track your wins for a week

- Victor or victim? Warrior or slave?

- Learning from losing

- What is your MS identity?

- Giving is winning

- What do you want to stand for?


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