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January 1, 2020  

YOUR PERSPECTIVE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY:. Are You Going to Change it Now or Never?

January 1, 2020

In today's episode, I have the good fortune of talking with Causso Moore of My Struggle is My Strength. He's an Atlanta-based MS activist, motivational speaker and social media powerhouse.

Whether you find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or his own website, his raw online content where he shares his own struggles and triumphs as well others around the globe, is a go-to resource for inspiration, mindset work and perspective. 

If you need a kick in ass to get you moving, if you're looking for some light on a dark MS day, if you need to be reminded that MS isn't the end for you, just a new chapter, keep listening, because Causso is gonna set you straight.


- Causso's Instagram presence

- Hitting rock bottom and working his way back

- How Ocrevus is helping him

- The gym was a natural choice

- Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly on video online

- Finding motivation from those he's inspired

- Nothing will change until you change your mindset

- Neuroplasticity is key

- Your perspective is your responsibility

- Finding strength in working out

- Getting out of a dark space

- Are you going to change now or never?

- Knowing when to take a break and not overdoing it

- The advantage of taking small steps to meet your goals

- Making a commitment to do what you can wherever you are

-  How his documentary became a turning point in his online presence

- The My Struggle is My Strength brand

- The mission of his efforts and his brand

- Making a difference through public speaking

- The greatest gift that MS has given Causso

- Empowering and educating others

- Being diagnosed is a new chapter

- Finding a way to accomplish your goals your way


Causso's links:




His Documentary

His website - My Struggle is My Strength



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