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January 8, 2020  

YOUR YEAR OF REBELLION: It’s Time to Rewrite Your Prognosis

January 8, 2020

This throwback Thursday episode is the perfect way to kick off your new year, or any day of the year for that matter! I had never heard this motivational speech from Trevor before and, wow, was I blown away. By the end of his speech, I was saying to myself "Yes! Yes! Yes! I can do this!", and you can too. If you're doubting yourself and thinking you can never win against MS, stop what you're doing right now and listen to this episode. It's time to let your rebellious side come out. 


- Your year of rebellion

- It's time to rewrite your prognosis!

- In order to improve, you have to reject outside input

- Rewriting your prognosis

- Figure out what's causing stress in your life and walk away from it

- Ruthlessly protecting your recovery process

- Rebel against the dream crushers

- You don't have to be walking to claim a victory

- Changing the forecast of your future

- The MS rules don't apply to you

- You can counteract MS

- You have the resources and support to overcome

- The process of believing you can heal

-  Ignoring the naysayers

- There's no quick fix

- Daily commitment

- You won't see improvements every day

- Counteracting MS is a full-time job

- Visualizing movements you can't currently do

- Eventually your brain will feel safe enough to do something different

- Reject and rebel against your doubts

- Having MS for 20+ years and seeing improvements- It's never too late to transform your MS body

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